About us

Bullhouse was initially founded back in 2016 to bring to market styles of beer not commonly available in Northern Ireland. To that end, the first beers we brewed were an Imperial Stout and a Comber Potato Saison.

We work to the following four values which determine the beers we brew, our responsibility to our local community and to the local environment.

• Transparency

• Curiosity

• Community

• Creativity

With environmental sustainability at our core, we pride ourselves on using local suppliers where possible for our raw materials. All our base malts are grown on the island of Ireland. Unfortunately we don't have the climate to grow hops in Belfast, but we contract the freshest hops from around the world to ensure our hoppy beers are as flavourful as possible. 

We naturally carbonate our beers using the CO2 produced during fermentation and have eliminated tank to tank transfers, further reducing our environmental impact. 

We package our beer in cans with our own fully automated canning machine for distribution throughout the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.