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Bullhouse East Book Club - Monday 26th February

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Book Club at Bullhouse East

Join us on Monday February 26th for the fourth Bullhouse Book Club, hosted by the wonderful Alanna from Seaside Books.

"There is nothing special about the day Cushla meets Michael, a married man from Belfast, in the pub owned by her family. But here, love is never far from violence, and this encounter will change both of their lives forever.

As people get up each morning and go to work, school, church or the pub, the daily news rolls in of another car bomb exploded, another man beaten, killed or left for dead. In the class Cushla teaches, the vocabulary of seven-year-old children now includes phrases like 'petrol bomb' and 'rubber bullets'. And as she is forced to tread lines she never thought she would cross, tensions in the town are escalating, threatening to destroy all she is working to hold together.

Tender and shocking, Trespasses is an unforgettable debut of people trying to live ordinary lives in extraordinary times."

The book club is free to attend. However if you could please kindly let us know you will be attending by securing a ticket online so we can then workout the amount of space we will require at the venue.

The club kicks off at 6pm (Monday 29th January)

The address is: Bullhouse East, 442-446 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1HJ

Thank you and see you there!