Exciting Developments at Bullhouse East!

Exciting Developments at Bullhouse East!

We've been open for 5 months now! After waiting for 4 years to get open, these last 5 months have flown in. Thank you to all of our customers and staff for a great 5 months!! Things have been way way way busier than we ever imagined.

6 months ago, we were a team of 4 people, we're now a team of 25 and we've got several exciting updates to share.

A couple of months after opening we asked for some feedback, and one of the most common suggestions was to try to dampen the noise on Friday and Saturday nights when we're really busy. So we pulled the trigger on loads of acoustic panels, and over the past few weeks you might have noticed them going up. They've had a huge impact in dampening the noise levels, especially when we're busy.

We've also received a lot of feedback in relation to hours of operation of our food offering. To keep things simple at the start, we brought in The Boxing Hare to run our pizza oven as the pizzas are great.

We're constantly being asked if we can start offering food earlier and if we can offer food every day. We want to be able to get to that stage before Christmas.

The only way to expand our food offering has been to bring it in house. So we have an exciting new food offering launching this week!

We'd like to thank The Boxing Hare for serving up some deliciously tasty pizzas these past 5 months and of course their pizzas will still be available across town at the Sunflower.

We'll be continuing to focus on pizzas, but will be expanding our menu and extending our hours of service in the run up to Christmas.

We're also in the process of applying for our Entertainment License and additional permitted hours, meaning we'll been opening later on Friday and Saturday nights from the middle of December all being well, and will be bringing in some DJs at the weekend to spin some vinyl.

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