Vegan Friendly Beer

Vegan Friendly Beer


Did you know? Bullhouse beers are vegan!

As a brewery we are committing to producing fresh tasty beer which doesn’t contain any animal products or cost the earth. 

Animal products in beer, surely not? Well yes it’s fairly common, and the two main offenders are:

Isinglass - a type of gelatin which is extracted from fish, which is mostly used by large scale (no pun intended) commercial breweries as a means of clarifying the beer. 

Lactose (Milk Sugar) - a less fermentable sugar which is derived from milk, and is used as a means of adding body (mouthfeel) to a beer.

We never liked the idea of relying on these additives to improve our product. We’re in the game to impart maximum flavour using natural ingredients. We source the freshest hops for a reason. We don’t filter our beer and we have invested heavily in our tank farm to spund (reducing our CO2 use) as well as eliminating the need for tank to tank transfers (further reducing our environmental impact while retaining maximum flavour and aroma in our beer). 

All our beers have ‘Vegan Friendly’ clearly written on the label to keep you right.

Peace and love

Team Bullhouse


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